Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bring the Rain

Life is precious.

A woman I know recently announced that after struggling with infertility, she and her husband were expecting their first child. A few short weeks later, they discovered that their child has several health conditions that could lead to an 80-90% mortality rate. Tearfully, I told their story to my mom who was reminded of a blog she read, Bring the Rain. I sat down this evening to read the story of Audrey Caroline, who at 19 weeks gestation was diagnosed with several health problems, most of them stemming from a lack of amniotic fluid. Doctors told her parents that outside of a miracle of God, this child could not survive outside the womb, and would most likely be stillborn. I won't dive into more of the story, but I urge you to check out the blog if you are interested. The mother, Angie, was the author of the blog, and I am amazed at her strength, vulnerability, and reliance on Jesus.

This story moved me in several ways:

1. I am determined to pray continuously for the woman I know and her baby, for healing, and that God will be faithful and give them strength, whether he chooses to heal the baby on this side of Heaven or not.

2. I realized how thankful I am for the healthy, beautiful little girl sleeping in the next room, and that I do not tell God often enough how thankful I am for her. After reading this story and wiping away my tears, I went into her room, stood over her crib, and just thanked God for Adalyn. It is very fitting that her middle name is Joy because it is the perfect word to describe her. She is an absolute joy, and she finds so much joy in the smallest things, like playing hide and seek with daddy, dancing with mommy, and giving kisses to everyone she loves. She is truly a miracle in so many ways. Thanks again, God. :)

3. Lastly, I pray that if (or perhaps when) God asks me to go through a valley, whatever it may be, that I will handle it with the grace and dependence on Him that Angie had, rejoicing and praising Him that He is the same God, yesterday, today, and forever. I am reminded of our series at church about Kind David, after his sin with Bathsheba. After the child they conceived died, David got up from his fasting, cleaned himself, and went on to PRAISE GOD.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the munchkin I am utterly thankful for tonight, maybe a bit of her innocent JOY can rub off on us all!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Kristi!

This past weekend was a busy one! My sister, Kristi, turned 28 on Thursday and came to visit over the weekend. Kristi lives in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois and is a Young Adult Librarian at the Normal Public Library. Kristi is great at what she does. She's always loved reading and now she is helping teens and pre-teens love reading as well. She's also a great sister, and a wonderful Aunt! Happy Birthday, Kristi!

Adalyn and her Aunt Kristi

Enjoying being outside... her favorite place to be!
My little walking gal

Friday, October 9, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Wow. Yesterday, my baby was a crawler. Today, she is a walking machine.

Adalyn began taking a few of very wobbly steps a little over a week ago. Then almost immediately she started teething again and showed no interest in advancing her walking skills. She actually showed little interest in doing much other than hugging mommy and staying very close to me at all times.

She must have started feeling much better today because she suddenly decided she was ready to venture out on her own and take several steps, even purposely letting go of us so she could keep walking. Sometimes she gets too excited, goes too quickly, and falls flat on her face, but our tough little cookie doesn't let that stop her... she's so excited to be WALKING! I have a feeling those last five pounds I just can't seem to get rid of are going to dissappear as I start chasing her all over the place! Congratulations to my little walker!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Diving In

Well I must give credit where credit is due. I have been thinking about starting a blog for over a year now, and when my friend Kylie started her blog I finally gave in as well and decided to launch into this new endeavor. I've always read other people's blogs and thought it is such a great way to keep friends and family updated with what's going on in life, so I hope to do just that. I hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts, ideas, mistakes, and the very funny things my daughter does. I'll leave you with my favorite girl cheering on our favorite team.