Thursday, February 11, 2010

How I Spend My Days

I used to spend my days taking care of myself.  I worked hard, first in school and then at my job, and I typically dressed up every day.

Somehow everything changed before I even blinked.

Now I spend my days taking care of a little girl in cute jammies.... (notice 'baby' always has to join us at meal time; I spend almost as much time 'feeding baby' as I do Adalyn)

And now I spend my days working to build tents to hide under, play in, and tear town


And now I spend my days playing dress up instead of actually getting dressed up...
I've never had a more important job.  I love the way I spend my days.


  1. So, is that the tu tu that she refused to wear for her first birthday?

  2. Yeah, but I'd hate to have such a demanding boss.

  3. Yes, that is THE birthday tutu that she will only wear if she does not have any clothes on underneath it.... who knew?

    And yes, she is a bit of a demanding boss, but after she orders you around a bit she comes and gives you a big hug and a kiss so it's all worth it :)